Legal Information

manonaboat® is a commercial website, to be supported by businesses throughout Britain.

manonaboat® always seeks to represent respondents’ answers to the question “What does the boat mean to you…?” in an accurate and respectful way. Interviewees are shown their films after recording and agree to their narratives being included in the series.

Interviewees are asked to sign a disclaimer form, formalising their agreement to be included in the series and any related products., the films and all content are the copyright of manonaboat® – © manonaboat 2019. All rights are reserved. Please do not distribute or exploit the content commercially, without explicit and express consent.

Since 10th March, 2017, manonaboat® has been a registered UK trade mark No. UK00003205806, All rights are reserved.

General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR)

The following principles govern adherence to GDPR by manonaboat®:

  • permission – all clients and Supporters of manonaboat® are requested to give explicit permission for their data to be kept, specifically their name, address and email contact details.
  •  purpose of collecting –  the holding of contact details is to enable the administration and efficient running of manonaboat®.
  • processing of data – processing of advertiser data is limited to contacting clients and Supporters with regard to renewal and changes to their advertising on the site, and to periodically keeping in touch, to ensure that the data held is correct and up to date.
  • reporting – client and Supporter data is held securely, enabling the swift delivery of a report of everything held about a client or Supporter, if requested.
  • auditing – unused client or Supporter data which is no longer used is subject to periodic (monthly) deletion.
  • contract data – since data held is defined as contract data, appropriate measures are in place, as above, to define it and to explain how it is refined; only manonaboat® has access to it.